The lady Lazar running a charity

Rinat Lazar is a lady who belongs from a very rich family. She is a lady with a very kind heart. Some of her favorite activities include listening to music. The type of music, which she listens are of pink Floyd, Coldplay, Leonard Cohen, and David Bowie. She is really a beautiful woman and being a single woman works really very. She runs a good business; the restaurant, which she built for her living is big and popular enough. She often does charity. Now it is really a difficult thing one could do.

To run a charity, you need to keep few things in mind, which Lazar has

  • Here you need to choose the perfect date for the live or silent auction. It is really a difficult process as the auctions are held mainly in spring. Summer is not considered to be the right season. Also, winter is not considered an appropriate season. In this season the guests mainly go out for vacationing. So the most appropriate times are the weekend evenings.
  • Picking up the right auctioneer: in order to put a live auction, you need to put somebody as a volunteer or someone professional. This in turn would charge you a bit as the professionals would take money for their work. So it depends upon the size of the auction. If the auction is small, then you can go for the volunteer. In case if it is big then you will have to go for someone professional.

This well intelligent lady very well executes all the above things, to run her charity. She is really a lady with big heart, though there are many such rich peoples, who run a charity; compare to them this lady also does it very well. This is all about the .