Houston criminal defense lawyer

Mario Madrid is the one who is a former District Attorney and also one of the former judges of Houston city. With the experience of nearly 20 years of courtroom and hard earned experience as district Attorney for Texan state that he knows about the laws of Texan very well and also know how to save people who are accused from that law. He had experienced that how the various prosecutor frame their case against the criminal and make their strategy that it become a challenge for prosecutor to place its evidence and fight for its right.

He is a board certified lawyer, which means that he is best in the area of law practice. They can also be said as the specialist, expert in their profession. It can be said as that Mario Madrid is certified expert Houston criminal defense attorney. Being born and bought up from Texas make him much aware about the laws of the country. He is not an expert in handling the criminal cases, but can handle any type of case and can present your case with a mark of excellence in it so that he can turn the jury so take the right decision with no issues involved.

He with his skill and excellence and trust in any situation so that the people can relax back if he is handling their case. He provides with the best possible defense any other person can present. He is known for its well-planned defense strategy with aggression, which he uses to reveal the weakness of its prosecutor’s case. He is Houston’s criminal defense attorney had his office located near Harris county criminal court house so that he can be easily available to those who want justice. So you can visit him for best service and also free consultations.